In 2017, we published our strategy for the Welsh language Cymraeg 2050 – a million Welsh speakers
As well as almost doubling the number of Welsh speakers, we want to double the daily use of Welsh by 2050 too, so that by then 20% of the population use Welsh every day. We’ve got big ambitions—so we’ve got big plans to make sure they’re realised.
As just one part of these plans, we’ve formed Prosiect 2050—a multi-disciplinary unit to work across government in Wales.We’re looking for people who can help us increase the use of Welsh based on their experience in the following fields:
• Interpersonal language use/sociological aspects of language use
• Community development, partnerships and empowerment and community/cooperatives enterprises
• School-community outreach, strategic educational planning, and increasing the use of Welsh via the education system
• Sociology of young people (3-18), and informal language use by this group
• Language technology/corpus planning
• Workplace dynamics, organisational development, and sociology of the workplace so that we can increase language use between colleagues
• Designing and implementing theories of change/equivalent methodologies, so we know we’re planning the right interventions and that they’re working
• Behaviour change, behavioural design, behavioural economics and design thinking
• Narrative formation, analysis, development and implementation
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