The University has identified that LAN rooms across their estate are in need of substantial upgrades to ensure a robust and fit for purpose network for the foreseeable future. To this end we have engaged with various consultants to undertake surveys and make recommendations regarding power supplies, UPS systems, cabling infra structure, switching and temperature control within these spaces.
Recommendations from these surveys have identified a number of specific weaknesses and inadequacies regarding existing power and temperature control systems and have gone on to recommend upgrade packages to address these issues. Phase one of these works addressed issues in 13 Core (LEAF) LAN rooms which were prioritised to facilitate the I.T. upgrade strategy and to incorporate additional new services required by a number of new buildings currently being commissioned.
The remaining EDGE LAN Rooms consist of approximately 273 LAN rooms of various shapes and sizes that will require upgrade works as part of the second phase of this project. The EDGE LAN room improvement roll out will consist of multiple upgrade works packages at different locations across the Cardiff University (CU) estate essentially addressing Air Conditioning and Electrical Distribution as identified, to accommodate the provision of new active equipment and UPS systems which are being procured by the University. The scheme also includes the provision of new final circuitry arrangements to accommodate the new UPS requirements. New electrical supplies, AC and metering will also need to be connected to the existing site wide BeMS system as part of the works.
In order to facilitate these works and maximise flexibility and efficiency for the University, we are looking to set up a dedicated call-off Framework of Contractors to undertake these works.
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