USAC is a purpose built facility constructed in the 1970s to accommodate Officers of the Defence Forces undertaking courses at University College Dublin. It is located adjoining the Barracks at Dun UiMhaoliosa, Renmore but is outside the confines of the Barracks and is self-contained with its own access, parking, etc. A Design Team is being retained to assess the condition of the building. The Design Team will be briefed on the facilities required in the completed building, the type and amount of accommodation required, the ancillary facilities and the administration requirements to be accommodated. The Design Team will be required to advise on the preferred layout for the facility that will provide the required number of bed-spaces, meets the Defence Forces’ accommodation standards, provide accommodation conducive to effective study, appropriate recreational facilities and generally make the facility a location that the residents enjoy living in while at the same time ensuring that it is easily managed and maintained with energy usage and sustainability optimised within the financial constraints of the Client’s budget for the project.In addition to the bedrooms and associated spaces, circulation areas, ablution facilities, baggage storage facilities, reception area, conference/briefing and interview rooms, administration offices, cleaning stores, general storage areas and staff facilities shall be incorporated. Based on the provision of the agreed requirements and the Design Team’s assessment of the condition and adaptability of the building, the options available to the Client shall be prepared by the Design Team. The Design Team will be required to advise on the merits, constraints, disadvantages and costs of each available option. The Client will then decide on which option is to be proceeded with and the Design Team will proceed with the detailed design to implement that choice, followed by the procurement and construction process.