Medite & Smartply independently generate Hazardous Waste and are seeking tender proposals from one or more suitable qualified waste management companies. The purpose is to transport, treat and dispose of the waste in compliance with all regulatory requirements and guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The work will consist of an on-site service, transportation and arrangement of treatment and final disposal. The contract duration will be set for 3 years and reserves the right to extend a further year pending an internal review.

Hazardous Waste service required:

1) On-site service will include labelling and preparation of the containers and pallets for transportation. Forklift and driver provided by Medite or SmartPly.

2) The loading of the prepared waste will be provided by Medite or SmartPly.

3) Treatment and final disposal by approved and recognized companies. WTF and Certificates to be sent to Medite or SmartPly as soon as possible.
There is usually one load every two months though this can vary from site.

Each site waste requirements are divided into 2 separate LOTS, therefore companies can either tender for one or both sites contracts.

Due to the fact we have 2 lots involved, one from each site i.e. Medite & SmartPly this tender will be posted on each etenders platform separately; however we only require one submission to either platform

*Full Scope of both site requirements are in Appendix 1 & 2 on pages 25-26 respectively