The company wishes to purchase an injection mould to produce a 40mm and a 50mm Trick Track from a suitably experienced supplier based on the following requirements.

1 Mould to produce a 6 impression 40mm Tricktrack and a 6 impression 50mm Tricktrack. The supplier will achieve this by producing 2 Moving halves of mould and 1 Fixed Half.
2 Mould to be constructed of H13 steel of EU origin and supplied with a Certificate of Conformity
3 Mould to be complete with a 12 drop Hot Runner system including a 24 zone controller.
4 Ejection of plastic parts from mould to be compatible with our Pick and Place robot.
5 Mould will fit and run on a 530ton Negri Bossi injection moulding machine
6 Supplier will guarantee a maximum cycle time of 35 seconds for the mould ie the mould will produce 6 of 40mm Trick Track in 35 seconds or 6 of 50mm Trick Track in 35 seconds.
7 Supplier will guarantee the mould for a minimum of 2 million cycles.
8 Supplier will deliver the fully completed mould to our factory in Ireland within 8 weeks of receiving the order.
9 Mould will be tested and validated by us. The supplier will carry out any repairs necessary at their own expense in order to achieve a successful validation.Successful validation will only be achieved by compliance with Items 1-6 above and mould running trouble free for 3 weeks in our factory.
10 Payment Terms. Supplier will be paid within 30 days of successful completion of validation.