Iarnród Éireann, Rotem and Mitsui have signed a fleet extension contract in December 2019 to procure a further 41 intermediate “B2” type vehicles, which includes options for the purchase of further vehicles. The InterCity Railcars (ICR) are manufactured by Hyundai ROTEM in South Korea and are designated the Class 22000 ICR fleet. The IÉ project team requires support and assistance from an industry expert to act as an onsite representative (OSR) and / or Resident Engineer in Hyundai Rotem’s Changwon South Korea Factory, including occasional site visits to sub-suppliers, and report on behalf of IÉ during the design, build & construction and testing & commissioning phases of the 41 intermediate B2 type vehicle build.

Dear Sir/Madam
Iarnród Éireann cordially invites you to tender for the On-Site Repersentative Hyundai Rotem South Korea. Those wishing to participate must read all the documents and submit accordingly. The pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ)  must be completed and returned with the other tender documentation. When submissions have been uploaded the evaluation will commence with the evaluation of the PQQ. Only those who pass the criteria will have their tenders assessed. The tenders will be assessed in accordance with the award criteria and the tenderer who recieved the highest scores in accordance with the criteria will be identified the preferred bidder. 
You are now invited to tender in accordance with the following documents:
All correspondence in relation to this tender must be conducted through the e-tenders portal.
The closing date for tenders is 12.00 GMT on 22nd April 2021.   
 Please note that the following sections of the Conditions of Tendering do not apply to this contract:
·         5.9 Legal Opinions
·         5.10 Parent Company Guarantee
·         5.22 Declaration of Eligibility
·         5.30 Lots
Schedule 1. Tender submissions must be uploaded as follows
Please note that while tenderers are not required to complete the Declaration of Eligibility they are required to complete the Letter of Confirmation.
 Also the following clauses, appendices and schedules of the contract do not apply:
·         Legal opinion Clauses A6 (10).
·         Advance payment bond Clause A14
·         Contract Extension Schedule B
·         Form of Advance payment bond Schedule E  
All correspondence in relation to this tender must be conducted through the e-tenders portal www.etenders.gov.ie (http://www.etenders.gov.ie/)   
Tenders must be fully uploaded prior to the closing time so please allow sufficient time to upload before the closing time.
Thomas Conlon
Category Manager
Indirect Goods & ServicesDear Sir/Madam